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Welcome to LittleRidge

It is truly an honor for our staff to be a part of God’s plan to teach young children!  We love the task of preparing children for the future!!! Our goal is not to just teach children about Jesus, but to reach their hearts in a way that they can KNOW Jesus! God has blessed us with amazing staff members who genuinely love Jesus, children and each other! The words of our mission statement are precious to us because we truly get to know and love children, parents and grandparents!!! At LittleRidge we are…

Connecting generations with Jesus to impact our world!!!


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

Little Ridge would like to offer a special “Thank You” to all of the sponsors for our 2017 Golf Tournament Fundraiser



We offer an activity-oriented program that opens children up to a God who loves them and a world full of new discoveries.


Our teachers are highly trained and very passionate about seeing children grow into the people that God has planned for them.


We create an atmosphere that stretches children’s imagination and offers them a journey through awe and wonder.


Through teaching, playing, and learning, children are given every opportunity to grow as a child of God.
I am so thankful to have found the LakeRidge Preschool and Children’s Day Out program. This school is top notch, from the teachers to the curriculum, to the music… we couldn’t be happier! As a member of Lakeridge United Methodist church, it was an easy decision to try the school. Both of my older daughters got to enjoy two years in the Children’s Day Out program and two years in the preschool program. Every day my girls were greeted with smiles and hugs. I always said I needed to have another child to get to hang out at LakeRidge again… so I did. Now my Marlo is in her second year of Children’s Day Out and loves it! So over the last 8 years, this school and the staff have been like family. The teachers genuinely care about the kids and their educational growth. My girls have learned their numbers, letters, colors and much more thanks to this program and staff. And maybe most importantly, all three of my girls have loved the LOVE they receive at LakeRidge. Ashley Rodriguez

Let me tell you about the only place that I trust my children to: LakeRidge United Methodist Children’s Day Out, Preschool, and Kindergarten. We have been at LakeRidge UMC both on the CDO side and on the preschool side for a total of four years with our two children. From the moment you walk in, you know that these people truly care and LOVE your children. If you want to find a place where your kids will learn about God’s love and where they will be loved on everyday; this is the place! This place is so special that many of the teachers and staff have been working at the CDO/preschool/Kindergarten for over 10 years, doing it because they love it! My children have many opportunities throughout the school day that include: music, sign language, stretch-n-grow, Crazy Cool Science, and art. The director also brings in people from the community for special days such as Tech Day with the Texas Tech Football players, cheerleaders, Saddle Tramps, Women’s Soccer team, animals from local shelters, and local fireman to learn about fire safety and get a closer look at a fire tuck. Of course, just a classroom party would not be enough to celebrate the different holidays, so many holidays are met with special activities, field trips, and memories. The experiences my children have had at LakeRidge are priceless! I have never once had any kind of safety concern for my children. The doors remain locked throughout the school day and they use a fingerprint scanner for child check-in and checkout. Because the teachers are committed to our children’s safety, they know each child and whom they belong to, whether it be a parent or grandparent. The staff is constantly on the move throughout the day and always keeps a watchful eye for the children, parents, and their safety. Words, of course, cannot express what LakeRidge and the people there mean to us. God has truly blessed us with such a wonderful place to send our kids while we are at work. We will NEVER forget the experiences our children have had, friends they have made, what they have learned, and most importantly God’s love that has been shown everyday through the teachers and staff! The spots for classes at LakeRidge fill up fast, and there is a reason. Safety, God and lots of love, this is what Lake Ridge is made of! Jennifer Bartlett

I remember the anxiety that I had leading up to enrolling my daughter in preschool.  As parents, we were to entrust LittleRidge with one of our greatest blessings. I felt an instant relief and comfort the first time I walked into LittleRidge. You can see the passion the teachers have for the children. They love on the kids, like they are their own. Not once have I felt uncertain about my daughter’s safety. The students love learning, because the teachers love what they do.  The things she has learned amaze me! The Christian foundation is irreplaceable, not to mention the amazing Thanksgiving festival, parties and Christmas program that they put on. I would recommend LittleRidge over and over again! Chelsea Salazar

I first became associated with LittleRidge in 2001 when I became the Kindergarten teacher. My two older children began LittleRidge as infants and were here until they began public school. Now my youngest is in the CDO program. I’ve had the opportunity to watch this amazing CDO, Preschool, and Kindergarten program grow and thrive. As a former teacher and as a parent I can assure you that your child will have an amazing experience here at LittleRidge. They will be loved on and they will grow socially, educationally, and most importantly spiritually. This place truly is a blessing! Jennifer Rankin

LittleRidge holds a very special place in my heart. Our daughter joined LittleRidge at 1 1/2 years old and was there until this year. My twin boys are now a part of this incredible school. The teachers at LitteRidge not only teach these children about the ABC’s but they teach them about Jesus and how to be a kind and supportive influence to all those around them. Camille still speaks of each one of her LittleRidge teachers and adores them.  At the beginning of this year one of her preschool teachers was sweet enough to meet us for ice cream to help her cope with the transition into kindergarten!  The administration at LittleRidge is amazing! My children love each and every one of them . Laurie and her staff are the  face and driving force of this school and they have blessed our family more than they will ever know. LittleRidge is a family and I truly believe God put us here! Thank you LittleRidge for blessing our family! Brooke Warren